Realizing Value from Investments in FM Technology

2018 Facility Management Benchmark Survey

Facility managers today have access to more technology than ever to support the management and optimization of buildings. New technologies enable better space utilization, occupant engagement, and the capture of more granular data on buildings and their systems and equipment. Despite these trends, our experience working with facility owners and managers shows that many organizations struggle to translate technology promises into real business value.

In this report, the second in our annual Facility Management Benchmark Survey, we seek to understand how facility management teams are succeeding with technology implementations.

  • What challenges are FMs looking to technology to solve?
  • What characterizes a FM technology leader from a FM technology straggler?
  • And most critically: what are the leaders doing right to earn more value from FM technology investments?

To uncover these insights, we commissioned the independent analysts at Verdantix to interview 100 energy facilities and real estate executives across the United States. The resulting report indicates that a few organizations are succeeding in leveraging technology for better FM, while the majority of the industry has a long way to go to catch up.

Realizing value from investments in FM technology report